Integrity, innovation, diversity, recognition and learning – these are the soul of our culture. Our associates have helped in shaping this culture and made it part of their DNA. We provide an amazing place to learn and innovate. We celebrate our successes and roll up our sleeves for new challenges. At Unisys, people are the culture and together we have created the ethos of respect, openness and a diverse workspace. Together we are amazing!

At Unisys, our reputation is critical to our business relationships and is a vital asset we are committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing. Read more.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Unisys. Innovation is not only a part of our culture, it is also a way of life. We have multiple platforms for our associates to submit their ideas, demonstrate their creativity and submit their innovations for patent filing. We have proud innovators today with over 100 patents filed from the India center. Innovation is nurtured across teams by offering various channels and initiatives such as Hackfest, Make it Your (MiY) Day, legendary Cloud 20/20™ and so on. Click here to know more about innovation at Unisys.

An In Depth Look at Unisys Digital Workplace Services

Sanket Panchamia

Lead Engineer, Unisys India

Here at Unisys, failures are not frowned upon. Leaders encourage associates to keep innovating and being creative. I have always been encouraged to be more innovative not only with new ideas but also implementing unique solutions in existing products."

At Unisys, we believe that exceptional talent drives growth, achieves a competitive advantage, and increases win rates and client satisfaction.

That is why we continuously foster and nurture an environment where learning is woven into our every day. Through Unisys University, we provide our associates with state-of-the-art learning solutions, systems, support and an expert team committed to work with you as you learn and grow at Unisys.

Mrudhula Heerekar

Mrudhula Heerekar

Enterprise Systems Analyst, Unisys India

In my tenure with Unisys, I have witnessed a lot of org wide initiatives. Town Halls, Diversity initiatives, Lunch and Learn, Boot camps are a few of the initiatives which I believe are the most effective as it gives the associates an opportunity to engage and collaborate with teams across the organization."

Speed and Agility, Exceptional Quality focused on Continuous Personalized Development
Agile companies provide clients with high levels of service and delivery. Unisys associates develop new competencies and become more efficient and effective at a much faster rate. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by continuously building on our capabilities and being ready to “tackle” business challenges.

  • Just-in-Time and Just-for-Me learning solutions
  • Mobile learning apps
  • Short and on-the-go assets
  • Sponsor industry certifications and critical learning requirements
  • Vast library of self-paced learning assets and simulations

Highly qualified associates are able to positively impact operational excellence and enhance our margins – we recognize that Unisys associates have a positive impact on our and their capacity to win.

We recognize people not just for their achievements, but also for the way they are. We have made recognition an anywhere, anytime habit with our social recognition platform, Celebrate. We have made Celebrate a part of every day at Unisys, to share one another's successes and achievements. At Unisys, good work, talent and dedication is always appreciated and rewarded – no matter whether it’s a team work or individual contribution!

Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion is our way of being at Unisys! We recognize that every associate is unique and those differences of individuals is what makes us strong as a team. With the integration of diversity and inclusion throughout our business and culture, we offer relevant experience that meets the diverse needs for a holistic growth of our associates. We also have diverse associate councils created and driven by associates who share common interests in areas such as sports, performing arts, brain teasers, philanthropy, and so on.

Mélange – Diversity Council
The diversity council, Mélange was formed by associates to build and enhance the awareness around gender diversity. The council also supports and educates women associates through various initiatives on mentoring, financial management and work-life balance for a holistic growth. We don’t just encourage diversity, we celebrate diversity!